Do you have a passion for serving locally and want to gain leadership experience? The MVC Deacons are seeking two high school students to be our next Youth Engagement Liaisons! Applications are available at the connection center or sent via email upon request. 
Interested? Send us an email.

Application - CLICK HERE

Job Description
Maple Valley Church Youth Engagement Program
The Youth Engagement Program was developed by MVPC deacons and approved at their July 2017 board meeting. The purpose of Youth Engagement is to form a partnership between the deacons and the youth group to serve our congregation and community, focusing on the core ministries the deacons support. These ministries include Vine Maple Place, Maple Valley Food Bank, and Passage Point. 
Two high school students who are actively involved in the MVPC youth group will be selected annually by the deacons to carry out assigned duties with the support and guidance of the deacons and youth staff. Student liaisons will work together to promote and coordinate youth engagement in community service activities in the church and local community. Student liaisons are encouraged to attend monthly deacon board meetings, which are held the last Wednesday of each month.
Our first Youth Engagement team, formed on August 1, 2017, consists of Maddie Teddy and Austin Freeman, our student liaisons through July 31, 2018, as well as Joey Freeman and Molly Benjamin, youth engagement deacons, and support from the deacon board and youth ministry team.
Below is a list of our service accomplishments to date:
Vine Maple Place:
  • KidZone Vacation Bible School
  • Harvest of Hope fundraising event
Maple Valley Food Bank and Emergency Services
  • School Supply Drive
  • Christmas Giving
  • Photo shoot for website and social media outlets
Passage Point:
  • Harvest Party
Additional service projects included:
  • Clearing the trail between MVC and SLES for the “Meet and Greet” back to school event
  • Yard work for a church member
For more information on the MVC Youth Engagement Program, or to be added to our email list, please contact us at MVPCServe@gmail.com