Advertising & Communication


Guidelines and Options:

The following options are available for promoting approved MVC ministry activities to our congregation. We encourage you to plan ahead and think strategically about your communication needs. Advertising may be requested up to 4 months in advance.
  • Deadline is at least 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE.

  • Sunday Minute for Ministry requests must be received at least 4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE.

Submissions are subject to date and space availability and to editing for quality, length and clarity as necessary.

1. Big Three Ad

Bulletin Block Ad / Sunday Screen Ad / Website Ad / Electronic Bulletin Board
One request gets you all the above. Limited to three ads per week so place your request early. Includes a larger square block ad in the Sunday bulletin / On Screen Graphic and up-front mention during Sunday's worship service / Front Page Graphic Website Ad, linked to additional website information / Electronic Bulletin Boards throughout the church.
Appropriate and attractive graphics are provided. However, if you would like to include a specific logo, graphic or photo with your ad, please e-mail it to at the time of the request.

2. Bulletin Announcement

A 2-3 line smaller announcement in the Sunday bulletin. (Not available on the same date as #1 above, but can extend your advertising time frame when combined.) Announcements are placed in the middle portion of the bulletin.

3. Electronic Bulletin Boards 

Electronic bulletin boards are available in three high traffic areas to display electronic graphics.

4. Facebook Ad

MVC Ministry Events only added to the MVC Facebook Events listing.

5. Sanctuary Foyer Table

If you have a display, registration or sales for an activity or event, you may reserve space for Sunday mornings on small tables set up in the foyer for a maximum of 3 consecutive weeks. Your ministry leadership is responsible for table set up, providing ministry representatives to be present at the table after each service, and for leaving the area as you found it. Generally limited to 2 tables per week. 

6. Website Posting or Update

Submit your current ministry descriptions, stories, updates, etc. for the MVC website here. This is for more static content than ads. You may also request online payment or registration options using this form. If you have documents, photos or graphics you want to include with your communication you can send those to at the time of your request. Please allow up to a week for updating.

7. Communication - Flyer and/or Posters - Production and Distribution

We will help MVPC ministries create attractive and appropriate communication with more detailed information than the bulletin can accommodate. Options are also included for distribution. We require 2 weeks turnaround time from date of submission. If you would like to include a specific logo, graphics or photo, please e-mail it to at the time of a request. You can request those publications here.

Our designer can also help with brochure production or more in-depth communication for an additional fee. Please email for more information.

To request other methods of Sunday morning distribution of ministry flyers or brochures during worship services, please contact David Miles at by the deadline outlined above. Generally, putting flyers on chairs in the sanctuary is discouraged unless it's done for a specific purpose that our other avenues of communication cannot adequately address.

8. Minute for Ministry

A brief (3 minute) announcement, interview or video from up front during each Sunday worship service. To schedule a Minute for Ministry please request here at least 4 weeks in advance. If you have any questions please email the office at