Welcome to the event and activity planning center!

This is where you schedule a room or event (not advertising). We request that you submit these requests for ministry activities on and off site, so they are on our calendar and to make sure the rooms you need are available.

MVC Ministry Events:


MVC Ministry Room & Event Request (on-site) (to request a room & reserve date on our calendar)
MVC Ministry Event Request (off-site) (to reserve the date on our calendar)

Non-MVC Ministry Events: (for general public requests for our rooms)



Please fill out the memorial request form and you will be contacted by our memorial coordinator.
If it is a time-sensitive issue please contact the front office.
Memorial Request


Please fill out the appropriate baptism request form and you will be contacted by a pastor.
Adult Baptism
Youth Baptism
Child Baptism/Dedication
Baptism Certificate Infomation (to be filled out after baptism is scheduled) 

To help with your event planning: 

  • Click Here to request advertising for a MVC Ministry event
  • Click Here to see a room map of the church with room numbers
  • Click Here for MVC Room Rental Information 
  • The MVC technical room and technical equipment for sound, lighting, and projection can only be used and/or operated by a trained technical team member of MVC. The fee is $100 for the first 2 hours then $25/hour for each additional hour, per volunteer, and is required for ALL groups using the MVC technical room and technical equipment


To change or cancel a previously scheduled event, please contact the front office or call 425-432-4399.