Weekly Newsletter


by The Youth Staff on February 8, 2021
Happy Monday! 
It was so good seeing you all last week. And let me just say that any night is a great night when it includes cookie dough, ice cream, rabbits (not a typo), and Jesus. Can't wait to be together again. 

This Wednesday we will have our worship team leading us, we will have a double draw for prizes, and we will be talking imago dei (Image of God). See you then! 
 The symptom of Corinth's problem was disunity and distrust, but at the heart of their divide was forgetting how they were made, and who they were made for. This week we are talking what it means to be created by God, how that gives each person "value, worth, and meaning," and what implications that has for the way we live our lives in relationship to our family, friends, and our distant neighbors.

This is a reminder that on Wednesday, February 17th we will be heading out to an Escape Room! Here is a bit more information about what will be going on and how your student(s) can join us. 
  1. All transportation will be provided by church staff and volunteer leaders.
  2. We will require students to wear masks and to practice physical distancing. To ensure a safe environment, we will not be serving any meals or snacks this evening. 
  3. Middle School will meet at the church at 4:15pm and return to the church for pickup by 7:30pm 
  4. High School will meet at the church at 6:15pm and return by 9:30pm. 
  5. Students will need to sign up prior to the event! They can do this on Wednesday night or via email. Please contact joe@mapelvalleychurch.org 
  6. The event will be $15 each (due on day of event), and every student must have a permission slip. Please turn them in either in person, or via email by sending them to joe@maplevalleychurch.org. For your convenience, you can access a digital version here: https://bloqs.s3.amazonaws.com/580-9918/367838_ActivityPermitReleaseRegistrationFormNEW.pdf
Hope to see you all there! 
Feb 10th - Rise Night 6:30 - 8:00pm 
Feb 17th - Escape Room (Middle School 4:15 - 7:30pm / High School 6:15-9:30pm) 
Feb 24th - Rise Night: Lent 6:30-8:00pm 

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