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by Lindsey Bunn on September 9, 2019


The youth group theme for the next 5 weeks is Rhythm. For most of us, when we hear the word “worship,” we think about singing songs at church. But could there be more to worship than just music and words on a screen? In this series, we’ll find out what it looks like to worship God with our whole lives. As we do, we’ll see that when we find the right rhythm to our worship, we’ll also find ourselves walking in better rhythm with the God we’re worshiping.


Bottom Lines for each week:

1. Your relationship with God grows when you are in rhythm with him.

2. Worship is about the connection not your perfection.

3. You can worship God with your rest.

4. You can worship God with your mind.

5. You can worship God with your talents.


September 11th

Theme - Rhythm Week 1 Bottom Line: Your relationship with God grows when you are in rhythm with him.

  • 6:30-8:30pm with dinner ($15 a month, you can pay online with credit or bring cash or check to youth group)



UPCOMING YOUTH GROUPS: (Drop off is downstairs in the sanctuary for all grades and pick up is upstairs)

September 18th

  • Theme- Rhythm Week 2
  • 6:30-8:30pm with dinner ($15 a month, you can pay online with credit or bring cash or check to youth group)

September 25th

  • Theme- Rhythm Week 3
  • 6:30-8:30pm with dinner ($15 a month, you can pay online with credit or bring cash or check to youth group)



  • September 15th – Youth Sunday School
    • Middle School meets at the 10:45am service
      • The students will start in the sanctuary (sitting on the left side facing the stage with Joe) and will move to the dungeon after worship until the end of service
      • Series – Foundations: Trinity? Day of the Lord? Mishpat? This year, middle school will be diving deep into the language of faith and scripture in a series called Foundations. Each week we will be breaking down a different idea/concept found in the Bible and reflect on how it informs our lives as followers of Jesus. 
      • Topic - God and the Trinity
    • High School will meet following the sermon 2nd service in room 202 to discuss the. Sermon.
  • September 15th – Parents come Meet and Greet the Small Group Leaders (between services in the Chapel)
  • October 25-26th - Middle School Vashon Overnighter (Save the Date, more information to come)



We are looking for 1 high school student to work alongside the Deacons to promote local service opportunities to the youth group.  Sound interesting?  Click HERE


20/20 VISION ANNOUNCEMENT – MVC Youth Group New Name… RISE

After much prayer, discernment, and conversation, we are excited to be renaming the youth program at MVC (formerly known as MVC Youth) RISE


RISE is acronym that promotes the vision we hope to pursue and embody as a Christ centered community of students, parents, small group leaders, and staff: 

    • We are rooted in being Relational.
    • We work towards Intentionality.
    • We seek to be Servant Minded.
    • We foster a culture of Encouragement. 

Why Rise? - Aside from being a nifty acronym and logo, we believe that the verb “Rise” effectively communicates who we are. Yes, we are all about having fun, engaging in meaningful conversations, and serving both locally and abroad as a group of youth. Yet our identity is, first and foremost, a community that has been loved by God the Father, purchased by the blood of his Son Jesus, and brought back to life by the power of the Holy Spirit. We, as a staff, felt that the name “MVC Youth Ministry,” while useful in conveying who we minister too, lacked the purposeful “why” behind all that we say and do. By comparison, the name RISE allows us to express both our identity and values in one word:

We call ourselves Rise because it affirms the Gospel truth that we have been raised with Christ. (Rom 6:4).

We promote the core value of Rise, because as risen people we are to “set our hearts on the things above” (Col 3:1).

Towards this end, we are rooted in being relational, work towards intentionality, seek to be servant minded, and we foster a culture of encouragement.


Check out the apparel! As of today, you can buy shirts ($10) and pre-order sweatshirts ($40). For more info contact Alison Mendenhall at



Lindsey Bunn   

Youth Director



Joe Phenisee

Assistant Youth Director



Alison Mendenhall

Youth Admin



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