At MVC we believe it is important to be intentional about personal spiritual growth.
This means prayerfully considering the next steps God might have for us and then taking them.
There are six primary areas where we encourage people to pursue spiritual growth.


   Biblical Knowledge
Prayer & Sabbath
Serving & Stewardship
Leading & Discipling


These six areas encompass the vast majority of a person's spiritual life and we are intentional about providing equipping opportunities around each of these areas of discipleship focus.
We do this through sermons, small groups, classes, related resources, video and audio content. 


Compass Point Classes are offered at various times throughout the year and provide
in-depth training related to our six areas of discipleship focus.
Waypoints are pop-up equipping opportunities that we use to share resources that can help a person grow in faith. Waypoints show up all around the church so stay on the look out!
 The Pulse is our weekly podcast devoted to sharing bite size insights and updates on  happenings around the church.
If you would like to talk with someone about discerning your next step,
visit our NEXT Environment on a Sunday morning or send us an email.