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Good Morning MVC · April 9th

by Sarah Goodale on April 9, 2020

Good Morning MVC, 

We have a few announcements this morning; Prayer and Worship Night is tonight at 7 pm, we have our Good Friday Service this Friday at 7 pm, and Easter service at 10:45 on Sunday. All of this can be viewed by going to maplevalleychurch.org and clicking on the live stream button or by going to the Maple Valley Church Facebook page. Lastly, Children’s Ministry has put together Easter Enrichment bags for kids and they are available for pick-up from 12-2 today. They have 100 bags ready to go and they are one per child. 

We are in the midst of Holy Week and today is Maundy Thursday. Maundy comes from the Latin word “mandatum” which means command. Jesus gave a new commandment to his disciples on the night he washed their feet, “A new command I give you; Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35. 

Jesus gave this command after doing something strange. He washed the disciple’s feet. This was something that only servants did as people’s feet at the time were very dirty. What I love about this story is that Jesus steps away from the table, gets a towel, pours water into a basin and gets down on the ground and begins to watch their feet. Aren’t you glad that we serve a God like that? A God that doesn’t wait for us to come to him but is willing to come down to where we are. We serve a God that doesn’t say, “get cleaned up and then come see me.” We serve a God who sees your mistakes, your imperfections, and instead of telling you to clean it up he comes to you and says let me wash you clean. 

Church family as we begin to prepare our hearts this week for Easter remember that Jesus’ sacrifice was meant to wash us clean, that he wants to love you right where you are at, and once you have received that love he wants you to love others the same way. 

I love you so much church family and am so excited to celebrate Holy week with you.