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Good Morning MVC · April 8th

by Pastor Pete on April 8, 2020

This week, many families would normally be dyeing eggs, choosing Easter outfits for Sunday worship and looking forward to eating chocolate bunnies or marshmallow-y Peeps. This Easter is anything but normal. Most of us will be unable to be with our families, churches are closed, though as you well know we have the livestream Sunday at 10:45, and while grocery stores are opened the Surgeon General Dr. Adams, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx (all household names by now) have urged Americans to stay home the next two weeks. 


I would urge this Easter to hold to and create family traditions to celebrate our Risen Savior. Traditions lend a certain spirit that nurtures family connections, giving us a sense of belonging and connectedness in our celebration. Most importantly, traditions create positive memories for children. Children crave the warmth and promise that comes with tradition. Our fondest memories consist of the experiences that we share with our family and friends. Families that share traditions enjoy a stronger connection and bond than families that do not have established traditions. Meaningful Easter traditions, even ones you start for this first time this weekend, will create good memories that will last a lifetime. For generations to come, your family recount how you celebrated Easter on April 12, 2020. 


I asked my mom the other day to remind me of our family traditions. She wrote: "When you were growing up, I always made Easter baskets, and we went down to St. Peter's [the Episcopal church where I served as an altar boy from age 8 to 14]. You, Chris, Charley, Nonna [my great grandmother from the 'old country'] I would walk down to St. Peter's and Dad and Uncle Pete [my great uncle also from Tuscany, Italy] would stay home and listen to Cavallaria Rusticana [opera]. I have very fond memories of Nonna bringing her homemade raviolis. Dad's family always had crab salad to start the Easter Feast. Then the ravioli, fritto misto, then roast." And I remember dinner included a lot of laughter, storytelling- half of which was in Italian. 


Do you have an Easter celebration family tradition? How about starting a new one this year? May the Risen Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior bless you and by His Spirit watch over you and protect you from this virus.


Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Pastor Pete