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Good Morning MVC · April 3rd

by Kami Wright on April 3, 2020
Good Morning Church Family,
Today on Good Morning MVC  I discussed God as Provider--our amazing Jehovah Jirah. I planned a wonderful chat to deliver and even wrote this letter out in advance last night but God shifted gears on me 30 minutes before going live. He asked me to provide my testimony of His provision and how critical it was to listen and obey what He asked.
I was in a very important job that was critical to our nation's security in 2003.  On this exact day, 17 years ago, while on the phone receiving a program assignment from a very important person in the government, the Lord spoke into my open ear.  He simply said, "I will provide your security. I will be your boss. I will promote you. I will give you bonuses. I will encourage you. Walk away from this." 
Walking away meant that we would not be able to pay the mortgage on our new (and first) townhome, which was also home to our new baby girl, Morgan. I loved my work and leaving it would cause a cascade of enormous problems that would seem so senseless to others looking in our life. But I listened and He provided. He even boldly confirmed the call two years later, word for word in print.  All the fallout was in His capable hands and he was our Waymaker when I did not understand, nor ask to be in the situation.  Each successive year brings into focus how brilliantly he weaves all the threads that make up our life's tapestry--all the good, the bad, and the confusing--for His Glory!
We are in the midst of such uncertain times and it's likely to get harder. I've come to you proclaiming the name of Jehovah Jirah! He Provides! When nothing makes sense, when difficult things are asked of us, we must stand on the enduring promises found in our Bible, as well as the testimony of God's faithfulness to ourselves and others that we may continuously point to what He has done.
I look forward to shouting, "HOSANNA!" with you in spirit this Palm Sunday! Have a blessed weekend.
Serving by your side, 
Kami Wright