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Good Morning MVC - May 5th

by David Miles on May 5, 2020

Hello MVC Family,


With Mother's Day on the horizon I have spent a bit of time reflecting on my own mother. I have been blessed with a wonderful mom who brings great humor, compassion, smarts and love to everyone she meets. This was true of my childhood and continues to this day. My mom is one of my best friends and lately I have enjoyed video chatting with her since we are unable to see one another in person.


As I have been thinking about my mom, a passage from Deuteronomy came to mind. It's called the Shema and is a Jewish prayer, prayed daily be the Israelites. We see the Shema in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Why is it called the Shema? Well Shema means hear or listen and that is the call at the beginning of the passage. This passage isn't talking about simply letting sounds enter your ears but really hearing and doing. And the call being put out in this passage is to love God and to teach your children about God, at all times. 


I believe this passage came to mind when thinking about my mom because she is an incredible woman of faith. Growing up, both my mom and my dad modeled for me and my sister what it means to love and serve the Lord. They taught us the truths of scripture. They walked the walk so to speak in both good and hard times. As a result my mom is passing down this beautiful legacy of faith. 


As we navigate hard times today, my hope is that we will be intentional about cultivating our legacies of faith. I pray that we would be intentional at all times about communicating God's goodness.


At the end of the day we all will leave a legacy. However we have the opportunity leave a lasting one that points to God. 


Just like my mom continues to do.