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Good Morning MVC - May 4th

by Joe Phenisee on May 4, 2020
Good Morning MVC

This morning I wanted to take the time to thank those of you who have encouraged me over texts, phone calls, emails, and or zooms. Despite appearances, I am incredibly insecure, and often question my ability to fulfill this role well. So it really means a lot to me that many of you have expended the effort to build me up, to point out the gifts that God has given me, and to share how God has been using my work to minister to our church family in this season.
But here’s something none of you might know. I owe whatever success I have to my colleague and wife, Jill. 
I can’t even begin to tally all the hours she has spent editing my sermons, critiquing my ministry strategies, listening to me rehearse, reading and rereading all my posts and emails,  watching and rewatching my videos, suffering through my analogies, and helping me process how to best care for and engage each student.
I’ll admit, at times she can be too honest. There is nothing that hurts more than having spent hours on a idea, only to have your spouse  tell you it’s irrelevant, confusing, or just straight up not of the spirit. Still hurts 
And yet, this is what makes her a blessing. Because she brings the best out of me, and will settle for nothing less.
There’s so much I appreciate about my wife. Her wisdom, discernment, and careful attention to the little details in life. The way she sees beauty in nature, the way she loves a child, the way she brings calm and a sense of home to any person she meets. I am in awe of her kindness, her willingness to serve without attention, her quickness to forgive, her ability to listen, and the prophetic edge that drives her toward reckless compassion.
Sometimes I wonder who it is that married the pastor. 
This morning I want to take a second to read a passage of scripture that reminds me of her, Proverbs 31. One of the things that I love about this proverb  is that in the Hebrew it’s an acrostic poem. Meaning that each line starts with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, from the first letter Aleph to the last letter Tab. It’s almost as if this writer needed to use the entirety of language itself just to even begin to express what a blessing it is to have a woman of valor in your life. 
I would love for you all to take a moment to just close your eyes as I read, and to think of at least one woman who has made a difference in your life. It could be your wife, your mother, grandmother, your sister, your child, or even a friend. Whoever it is, let’s take a break in this difficult season, just take one minute away from the stressors of life, to thank God for those people who bring us joy, who inspire us, who lead with strength, who speak truth, who sacrifice much, who demonstrate grit, and who point us to Jesus time and time again. 
Let’s think of that one person who, if we were to attempt to praise God for them, we would have to exhaust all the letters of the alphabet, and even that would not be enough.
- Joe