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Good Morning MVC - May 21st

by Kami Wright on May 21, 2020
Good Morning, MVC!

Today on our live stream visit I launched a pilot "episode" of a new platform that allowed Pastor Pete to join me for a remote conversation. It was a rainy day today, but with the click of a button, The Mountain was out and our Lake Wilderness was like glass. 
  • We are so excited to use this new capability to expand the kinds of information, experiences, and quality that goes out from MVC. Imagine our missionaries, here and abroad, being interviewed live and giving updates on their time in the field proclaiming the gospel, feeling even more connected to the congregation that supports their mission. Live conversations with elders, deacons, trustees, men's and women's ministries, small group leaders, care ministry, NextGen, and beyond--all can have a live voice to speak to the congregation beyond Sunday in person or a mailing.  For those of you not on Facebook, it's our future aim to record these sessions and get them up on the website in place of the written recap. 
  • Once we moved past the excitement of it all working smoothly, we jumped into celebrating the drive-by graduation held at our Maple Valley Christian Preschool (formerly known as New Life Christian Preschool before this year). Directors and staff turned the church parking lot into a festive and cheerful place to celebrate the milestones in all the families. They decorated cars with window paint, balloons and signs and found their teacher's car decorated in kind. It's not the way anyone wanted to end the school year, but our school sure made the very best lemonade out of those lemons! 
  • My husband Dave and I took over as managers of the MVC Co-Ed Softball team from Randy and Kellie Martin, so I delivered the news that our season has been canceled. I suppose there's always next year. Keep it in mind if you love to play and join us next year.
  • I told Pastor Pete before going on air what scripture reading I wanted to leave with you all today he was so excited because today is Ascension Day.  The reading that the Lord set before me this morning is from 2 Chronicles 20:12b and the words are coming from King Jehosophat--a good king who walked in the ways of King David. He was filled with a sense of alarm over an impending threat but also filled with equal amounts of resolve to stay faithful to God's sovereignty in the situation. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are fixed on you. I imagine that's how the witnesses of Christ's ascension felt as their gaze moved upward in awe on the day we remember today. Help arrived 10 days later at Pentecost in the form of the Holy Spirit.  Whether it's in the Old Testament, New Testament, or right here in Washington during 2020 Covid19 rules, the same human response comes to the surface. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are fixed on You, Lord. It's ok to feel bookended by the realities of alarm and resolve as King Jehosaphat experienced and as we are all experiencing. Walking with Christ allows us to build up faith and trust in God that arises within us just as naturally as feelings of alarm do; then one day, the resolve overtakes the alarm and we move forward daily from a place of peace knowing He's got it.  Thank you, Lord Jesus!
MVC's Love and Mine,