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Good Morning MVC - May 19th

by David Miles on May 19, 2020

Hello Family,


As we continue through life in a world impacted by COVID-19, it certainly is possible to feel isolated and alone. This is true if you live alone, but also if you are in a house filled with people. Thankfully in the midst of our feelings of isolation and struggle, God remains with us. 


Scripture is full of accounts chronicling God's presence and provision in the midst of hardship. From Noah, to Moses, Ruth, David and Daniel, all the way through the miracles of Jesus in the New Testament we see God at work. For me, the faithfulness of God in the lineage of these believers and countless others through the centuries, provides great comfort and strength. 


Sometimes when I feel alone words escape me and I don't know exactly what to pray, or it feels like I am simply repeating myself day after day. It's in these times that I love to use the words of others as a tool for communicating to God what is on my heart. It also reminds me of God's faithfulness through the generations and that other brothers and sisters in Christ have experienced similar situations, feelings, and emotions.


One of the books I turn to for words of prayer is The Valley of Vision. This is a book of Puritan prayers that Pastor Pete gave to me shortly after he started at MVC. 


This book has been a great source of encouragement and a spark to my prayer life. In particular I love the prayer titled, "Comforts." You can read the prayer via this link and I hope it encourages you, provides words to your thoughts, and reminds you that God has been active in the lives of brothers and sisters who have gone before, in the same way He is at work in your life today and will be at work in the lives of believers that follow after.


David Miles