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Good Morning MVC - May 15th

by Kami Wright on May 15, 2020
Good Morning, MVC!

Today on our live show we did some Children's Ministry updates for VBS and Best Days of Summer (held at Black Diamond Camps).  Unfortunately, BDOS has been canceled by BD Camp and I'm sending a heartfelt "We're so sorry" to all the elementary kids who look forward to that week of day camp so much. With so much on the chopping block, we were determined not to let VBS be canceled! Don't forget that registration ends next Friday, May 22for the Virtual VBS Backyard/Small Group style event. Our hope is that by July, parents can gather small groups of friends together and partner with MVC to experience VBS in fresh, new way. We know you're going to love it and be able to promise some fun that will NOT be canceled!! Hooray! Please tell everyone you know with kids ages 4 through entering 2nd grade.

We know that God goes before us in all things and I had so much fun showing everyone a VBS-themed face-covering called a Buff.  This Buff has our "Focus" theme all over it in a fun design and when the CM staff received the new curriculum kit, this piece of fabric was tucked inside and we couldn't quite figure out what it was for.  We were also fairly stumped on decorating ideas. Well...God knew we wouldn't be needing any big church decorations this summer AND he included a face mask to promote the fun when we're out and about!  It's the little things, folks, that we need to pay attention to! Jehovah Jirah--God Who Provides--even sent CM protective face coverings in the kit.  Coincidence? Or GOD-incident? 🙂

Upon signing off and wishing all my MVC family a great weekend, I shared the news of a work the Lord is doing in my heart. My whole life I was raised to believe I was not a "dog person." I had never had a pet and just didn't have an interest. Too much work and my schedule could not accommodate it.  My husband and daughters, though, are a different story--they LOVE dogs and I've been a bummer on that front for their whole lives. 

Last week God pressed on my heart and it felt like a hand against my chest that nearly took my breath away--my stance instantly softened on the subject. It was astounding and made me really nervous. He challenged me in different ways over the next few days on the concept of being able to change my mind and then made me see that I really have no idea what I've been saying no to all these years. I had not experienced the love so how could I make a judgment when I never had all the facts? Could I step out of my 45-year comfort zone, get a puppy, immerse myself in those "facts", learn new things, and change my stubborn mind? 

I'm about to find out when we pick her up at 12:30 today! Ha! 

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to worshipping with you via Livestream this Sunday when Joe Phenisee brings us God's word from Revelation.  

MVC's Love and Mine,