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Good Morning MVC - June 4th

by Kami Wright on June 5, 2020
Good Morning, MVC!

In Thursday's episode I was so excited to have the tech capability to bring our Children's Ministry Associate, Jill Phenisee, on the screen for a chat. Jill replaced me when I moved into Sarah Goodale's position and all of it happened just a few weeks before we had to close the church doors. This season sure wasn't what we told her the job would be like, but I'm so proud of her direction of the early childhood program under normal and virtual conditions.  I likened her to the quiet church mouse lovingly working behind the scenes for the Lord. Thank you, Jill!  Shout outs are also due to our amazing right-hand woman, Shawn Scorup, who could not join us but without whom CM would not function as well as it does. I am extraordinarily thankful for both of these women. 

We revealed the new summer Sunday School theme in the early childhood ("I Spy") and elementary ("Focus") programs. Summer Sunday school always takes on the name of the VBS theme, in case you caught the similarity. Through the resources provided each week on the KidVenture page of the church website, parents at home will be showing their kids this month the connection between faith and God's character and trusting in what we can't see because of what we can see.  In week one we open in Hebrews, learning that we can know Jesus even through we've never seen Him. Next, we move into the Book of Acts and dig into Paul becoming a believer and how knowing Jesus changes the way we see everything.  Week three finds Ananias helping Paul to teach us that knowing Jesus can help us face our fears. And we round out the month with Peter going to the house of Cornelius where the kids will learn that knowing Jesus changes the way you see others -- a very timely message given current events.

I normally don't break down for the church-at-large what our kids are learning "up on the (virtual) 3rd floor" but I want you all to know that the learning and seeking of Jesus has not stopped for a single moment since we've left the building. Parents and Grandparents have been doing a wonderful job of partnering with us and using the provided resources (and our sometimes cheesy videos of ourselves) to take the lead in their child(ren)'s spiritual learning. With the pressures of distance learning in school, work, and everything else, I just want to say, "Well done, families, and keep up the good work!" If you have not yet checked out our resources at www.maplevalleychurch.org, each week is new and you can jump right in and have confidence that you'll be set up for success. 

MVC will be holding an outdoor Father's Day service with Communion on June 21! Reservations are required to comply with WA phase restrictions, but once one service fills up, have no fear, we will open another. For those not comfortable with venturing out to a socially-distanced crowd there will be a pre-recorded (new) sermon on livestream as usual. This, of course, will be a family service with kids present, which means there will be wiggles! We talked to parents about needing to stay together as a family and not run wild, but to rest assured that we will make the service as enjoyable for kids as we can and bring an activity bag along with all their favorite portable fun. We reminisced about the words spoken at baptisms and dedications and how we, as a congregation, promised to uphold each child's spiritual development. These upcoming services are where we can all make good on that promise by offering grace & space to families and getting to know the names of the kids you're sitting near!  We are FAMILY!

Thank you for always holding Children's Ministry up as a high priority. Please continue to pray for our families--for those with special needs kids who are missing the stability of school, for parents working at home or possibly out of work and trying to do it all, and for a summer around the corner that had so much canceled. Pray that positive outlooks can be maintained and that they, and all of us, feel the all-sufficient nearness of the Lord in these challenging days.

MVC's love and mine,