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Good Morning MVC - June 18th

by Sarah Goodale on June 18, 2020

Good Morning MVC,

Here are a couple quick announcements: This Sunday is our Outdoor Father’s Day Service at 9 and 10:45. We only have 6 spots left at the 9am service so go to maplevalleychurch.org to reserve your spot. The weather looks like it will be nice but cool so prepare accordingly and don’t forget to bring your folding chairs, so you don’t have to sit on the ground. 

This Friday at noon on Facebook, Pastor Pete will be hosting another Conversation About Race and Justice. I found the first two to be so helpful and encouraging. If you have not seen them, you can view them on the Maple Valley Church Facebook page.

Today I wanted to talk about Timothy. Timothy was a younger leader that Paul took under his wing, encouraged, discipled, and commissioned. We know from Acts 16:1-3 that his mother was a believer and his father probably wasn’t. In 2 Timothy 2:5 Paul talks about Timothy’s sincere faith that has been passed down to him by his mother Eunice and by his Grandmother Lois. I could probably talk all morning about this great example of passing down the faith and the importance of discipling and raising up leaders but what I actually want to talk about is something Paul said about Timothy in Phil. 2:19-21:

I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon, that I also may be cheered when I receive news about you. 20 I have no one else like him, who will show genuine concern for your welfare. 21 For everyone looks out for their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.

Timothy was known for caring about others, for being genuine. Paul said that he had no one else like him. When I read this passage two things come to mind for me: 1. That I really want to be known as someone who genuinely cares for others. Man, if that was all I accomplished in my life I could die happy. And 2. I feel bad for Paul because he only knew Timothy and I know so many people that truly and genuinely love and care for others. I think about our Deacons and Missions boards, and our Stephen’s Ministers and how the sacrifice their time to care for others. What is on my heart this morning because we are at what would be the close of our Sunday school regular year, is our Children and Youth Ministry leaders who sacrificially care, invest, teach, love and genuinely are concerned for the welfare of the next generation of leaders. 

Usually, at this time we are having our celebration to honor our CM and YM leaders but since that is not possible, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for showing up every week in kids lives, thank you for being another adult example of what being a follower in Christ looks like, and thank you for showing genuine concern for the welfare of this next generation. We love you and are beyond thankful for you.


I love you church family,