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Good Morning MVC - April 29th

by Pastor Pete on April 29, 2020
This morning Jonathan and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and ended up walking part way around Lake Wilderness. As we headed home we saw several crows perched near by. When one took off after a smaller bird and the others joined the chase, I asked Jonathan, "What is a group of crows called?" He said, "A murder." 
That got us talking about names for groups of animals. My knowledge of collective nouns was fairly limited: a swarm of bees, a school of fish, a pack of wolves, a pride of lions. But a word search of collective nouns generated an interesting list that includes: a shrewdness of apes, a convocation of eagles and, my favorite, a tower of giraffes.
A collective of people can be called a crowd, party or group. What about a collective ofChristian people? When we join together in church we are called a congregation. But at MVC we personalize it, in accord with Scripture, and we refer to our collective as a family of faith. Our 2020-2025 Vision is "We Are Family". We know the Bible teaches that as disciples of Jesus Christ our relationship with one another as fellow followers is like being blood relatives. 
"Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another, and all the more as we see the Day approaching." Hebrews 10:24,25
We are all asking, "When will this [pandemic] be over? And when can we be together again as a church family?" I can speak for our whole congregation when I say we miss one another and hope we can be together in worship, fellowship and service to the community as soon as possible. 
Six weeks ago, our leadership met together for the last time in person to strategize our Phase 1 response to COVID-19. Now it is time to plan Phase 2 (May through July). There are many questions and unknowns about social distancing regulations by the State and Local government and how best to address the mounting needs in our community (economic, physical, social, spiritual, psychological). I ask for two things from you: please pray for our leadership to receive God's wisdom and guidance and please help us by sharing your views, ideas and insights as we plan for the near future. Watch for another survey in the weeks ahead. 
We are better together, we are loved by our Lord and Savior, we are family. 
See you Thursday night at 7pm for another Prayer & Praise: Live Requests. 
Sunday's worship livestream sermon will be on Revelation 20:11-15.