Hello MVC Family,
This is a blog of our "Good Morning MVC" Facebook Live videos.  This is just one more way for us to stay in touch and provide a little daily encouragement. If you would like to subscribe to our daily email, please email us.

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Good Morning MVC - April 28th

by David Miles on April 28, 2020

Hello MVC Family,


One of the things I love about our Good Morning MVC videos and emails is that they are done by several different staff members. What I love so much about this is the variety of insight, passion, and perspective. Each person contributes thoughts of encouragement through their own lens and from their own relationship with the Lord. 


It might be easier to have one person navigate the creation of these videos, but the beautiful thing about sharing the responsibility is that you the reader/viewer are provided with, at least in my opinion, more robust and diverse encouragement.


This makes me think about the gospels and how they collectively work together to shine a light on who Jesus is by sharing accounts of his life, ministry, miracles, relationships, etc. from different perspectives. In doing so we gain a far clearer picture of our Savior and subsequently greater insight into how we are to live our lives as we take up our cross and follow after him.


In 1 Corinthians chapter 12 Paul is writing to the church in Corinth and he uses the analogy of the body, one collective being made up of many parts. He says that this too is how the Church is constructed. It is made up of different people with different gifts and abilities and passions and they serve in unity with other brothers and sisters in Christ who possess different abilities.


As we traverse the days ahead, let me encourage you to share your perspective, opinions, encouragement and trials with others. Let me also encourage you to use the gifts God has given you to love and serve others. The diversity that we all bring to the table is beautiful and of great value. Your thoughts an perspectives might encourage someone in a way, I could not. Similarly your gifts might be able to bless someone in their time of need in a way the gifts of another person could not.


We are the Body of Christ, uniquely created, but united in Christ for the common purpose of proclaiming His good news to other through our words and deeds. 


In the same way that the diverse perspectives and insights of our team can hopefully encourage you each day, so too can you uniquely meet the needs of others. And in doing so, paint a more complete picture of the love of Christ.