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Good Morning MVC - April 17th

by Kami Wright on April 17, 2020
Good Morning My Dear Maple Valley Church, 

I've been giving thanks for all of you in my heart since we've been apart. Names, faces, smiles...I miss the laughs of the awesome little ones up on the 3rd floor in Sunday School.  I found that one of the things I'm missing the most is pick up time, both on Sundays and during the week as we on staff watch the preschool families come in and out each day. Such happy reunions of kids showing off artwork and talking a mile-a-minute about Jesus. One day, hopefully soon, life will return to normal.

We're in the middle of our 5th week of Livin' La Vida Covid and more momentous event cancellations are starting to roll in. In my own home, there's deep sadness over the cancellations of 4 extremely important events to my daughters in June and July.  My middle and high school-aged kids are navigating online school and I'm witnessing a difficulty in our family and in other families to get the battery fully recharged. It's like our tank capacity gets a little less and less each day.  There's a bit of difficulty concentrating. Exhaustion. Restlessness or irritability rears its head daily. We are a Boeing family, too, so there's been bad news upon bad news.

It all fits the classic description of grief.  But how can it be grief?  We are home and generally healthy. But the broader definition of grief is loss. We are losing many important moments. My husband's grandmother has COVID19 and at age 97 is in a hospital by herself without the comfort of family.  She is experiencing the loss of her loved ones when she needs them so much and we are experiencing the loss of giving comfort. She is alive, but we ache. We worry about the future...what if we can't gather if the Lord calls her home? "What if, what if, what if" is the chorus we across the nation are all silently repeating in our hearts.

When you imagine stressful future circumstances for which you're trying to develop a plan A, B, and C, how often you factor in JESUS?  I would say that most of our projected "what ifs" never include our Lord and Savior standing actively in the midst of the logistics. Do you think Jesus isn't "logistics"? Or that He's just there to make me feel better and save my soul? Expand your view of our Creator! He is present in every. little. detail. 

I have a visual exercise for you to manage this sneaky grief that has set in like an invisible gas. Close your eyes and picture a scenario that causes you to fear or worry. The one that causes your heart to break. The one you ache for on behalf of a loved one or friend. Now put Jesus standing in the scene. Look at Him from head to toe. Feel the warmth radiating off His face. Look into His eyes and take note of how He knows you. 

He has instructed us through is angels and through His own voice to fear not.  

So that is what we must do.  James 1:22 says, "Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves, but do what it says." It's a simple fix to a complex feeling, but I believe the Fear Not moment is exactly when the Peace is offered. It's that God-given Peace that those have yet to believe don't comprehend yet and it's up to us to model it. 

My prayer for our church today...for my family today...is that we recognize the sneaky grief and name it. Then when the fear of the future or sadness over circumstances takes over, we picture Jesus literally standing in the middle of it all, commanding the details just as He commanded the wind and the waves.  That visual will then prompt us to fear not, which then kick-starts His peace.  And boy, we sure could use more of that peace right now. Thank you, Lord, for always putting it within reach!

MVC's Love and Mine,