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Good Morning - July 2nd

by Kami Wright on July 2, 2020
Good Morning, MVC!

Greetings from your Children's Ministry Director during the very busy week for our team leading up to Vacation Bible School (VBS). But how can that be, you ask? No decorations! No volunteers! No preparing 160 name tags! All that is true, but our Virtual/Backyard VBS has a whole new set of preparations so that we equip parents to lead with confidence and give a program that they and their kids want to experience each day. Indeed, this special VBS 2020 truly demonstrates the heart of the home partnering closely with the light of the church to give our very best to the kids as we lead them to know Jesus more and more each day. 

Yesterday, parents came to our drive-up, outdoor pick-up station to retrieve their kits which included five days worth of games, crafts, snacks, parent activity sheets w/discussion guides, a journal, 3D glasses, lanyard & memory verse charms, and cool t-shirt all packed in a cinch bag they can use all summer.  We filmed 30 segments with our familiar rotation leaders (thank you SO MUCH to Amanda Jones, Adalae Jones, and Kelsey Jones for Crafts; Steve, Declan, and Lochlan Goodale for Games; Shawn and Adrianna Scorup for Music; Jill Phenisee for Activities, Journal & Prayer, and Sarah, Becca, Zach and James Holtz & Sandra Teddy for Snack packing and donation.).  All of these videos will be compiled with storytelling segments from our curriculum provider, Orange, into a daily link on the KidVenture web page that guides the families through their at-home experience. We are so pleased that this format also allows the children of missionary families we support to join us in the fun this year!

Now, check this out because I've got a God Wink for you. You know, when things happen in such a way that it feels like God winked in your direction and said, "See what I did there?"  Our VBS verse is Hebrews 12:2 and all next week the kids will be learning about ways to keep our eyes on Jesus.  Well, Joe Phenisee is delivering the sermon this week in the Hebrews series that Pastor Pete kicked off and Joe will begin at Hebrews 12:3 -- the very next verse! The church-at-large will hear the message delivered from Hebrews, the kids in VBS will hear it, AND the kids the Sunday School will hear it too.  It seems to me that the Lord would like His MVC church of all ages and locations to take in what the book of Hebrews has for us right now. 

I'll leave you with these foundational truths that our VBS families will be focusing on next week because whether you're 6 or 76, you can stand on them firmly.
  • You can TRUST in what you can't see because of what you can see
    • Take time to study creation around you. Look closely at what the Lord has made. The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci in nature is a mic drop in itself! How amazing is it that when we think to open our hand, it does!  Look in a microscope. Look in a telescope. Think of those you love -- where did that love come from? It came from God. We can't "see" it, but we sure feel it!  
  • You can HEAR from God
    • God is not silent but we do have to focus to hear Him. Take time in His word. Listen to our teachers and pastors and to those people who speak the truth in our life. We must be quiet in prayer.
  • You can TALK with others about what you believe
    • Don't hide your light under a bushel..no! Let it shine! Talking about God keeps our focus on God. Whether it's bedtime stories and devotionals for kids or Small Groups and Bible studies, talking about God with others is oh so good for our soul.
  • You can PRAY anytime, anywhere about anything
    • See above. 🙂
  • You can LIVE for God by loving others
    • John 13 explains it as a new commandment...love others as I have loved you. We can show God we love Him by loving the people He made.  The possibilities for this one are endless for all ages. 
Would you please join me in prayer that God's love and word go forth next week and is made alive, captivating the hearts and imaginations of the children? We specifically pray for the parents who are leading--that they remain energized and refreshed with God-given stamina. It's been many months at home with the little ones and they are tired. Give them fresh eyes to see you too, Lord. May they feel your glorious presence in their homes as they seek you and praise you during the fun days ahead.  We love you Lord and thank you for all the people and resources you've given to MVC to allow us to make VBS in the age of COVID19 actually happen in an exciting way. You are always doing a new thing! In Jesus's beautiful name we pray, Amen.