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PNC Committee Updates

October 29th Update

by Andrea Sielaff on October 30, 2017

New Senior Pastor to be Chosen Soon

As we announced in the congregational meeting, we are nearing the end of our process in selecting a new Senior Pastor. We expect to be introducing this new pastor to you all in December!
Since our church has never experienced a senior pastor change, there is plenty to explain about how it works.  We’d like to take the time here to answer a few questions about the process.

Why is this decision being made by a committee and not hired by the current senior pastor, as you might see in the corporate world?

Our church follows the wisdom of the Presbyterian tradition, in which the leadership of the church is shared among a group of elders.  The senior pastor is an elder but is not the sole decision maker. This prevents the consolidation and abuse of power that can happen when there is a single leader.  It also allows for the leadership of the church to reflect the population of the church.  When elders are nominated and voted on, we are very deliberate in having a representative sample of ages and genders.
Per Presbyterian process, the elders selected a group of 4 elders to lead the transition process.  This team selected a group of 11 to be the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).  Again, these individuals were chosen, in part, to represent the diversity of our congregation.
The PNC is responsible for recruiting and interviewing candidates, visiting the finalists in their hometowns and hosting them here in Maple Valley. After hearing input from staff and session, the PNC will also do the final discernment of who God is calling to be our next Senior Pastor.

What does it mean for a Pastor to be “Called?”

It means two things.  First, the person who is being selected is experiencing a strong pull from God to lead our congregation. Second, we “call” a pastor when we present that person to the congregation in a special worship service.  During this service, the pastor will be introduced and preach a sermon.  Afterward, we will officially vote in this individual to lead us into the future that God has for our church.

Why has so much of this process been confidential?

We have received many applications for this position.  The applicants need privacy, as their consideration for this role may impact the ministries they are now leading and other significant individuals in their lives.

What is my role in this process as a Covenant Partner at MVPC?

You have already had several important roles in this decision.  First, through the Mission Study survey, you gave us feedback about what you like about our church and what direction you think the church should go in the future.
You also approved the PNC as they were presented to you at a congregational meeting, and you have prayed for this team to have wisdom and discernment.
Finally, you will reaffirm your trust in God’s leading in this process when you vote in the pastor that the PNC presents to you.  Only one pastor will be presented to the congregation, as the process for selecting this individual has been thoroughly, faithfully, and prayerfully carried out by the PNC that you elected.