Pastor Nominating Committee Update

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PNC Committee Updates

March 7th Update

by Jeff Downer, PNC Member on March 7, 2017

Dear Covenant Partners,

God is certainly guiding this process and the PNC’s effort is beginning to pay off.  What we have seen accomplished so far is tremendous.  We began by getting feedback from the core staff of our church and incorporating the results of the mission study to help guide us.  The members of the PNC are now hard at work in sub-groups to tackle each specific aspect of this project.  The job description, known as the Church Information Form, has been created along with systems in place for candidates to apply.  We now have a strategy to publicize the position and have activated a system to track candidates through the entire process.  This all means that we are within a few days of making an official job posting and accepting applications.  This is where it gets real.  One of the most important teams on the PNC is the one that makes sure we keep our church informed of our progress.  We have built in multiple ways to make sure the people of MVPC can stay up to date on our Pastor search.  In the coming weeks we will begin receiving applications until May 1st.  We still have a considerable amount of work to do.  Please continue to pray for the PNC team and for the candidates who God is about to lead to MVPC.