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PNC Committee Updates

June 2nd Update

by Jessica Weis on June 2, 2017
  • Dear Covenant Partners,
    As a committee we read the book When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search, by Chris Brauns.  Among the many gems in this book, Brauns poses the consideration that, “A church looking for a pastor faces a more difficult task than Moses and the Israelites faced (at the Red Sea)—at least in one crucial regard.” (p.22)  This one regard, he goes on to explain, is agreement on a combination of factors from scheduling/time, priorities, commitment, candidates, etc.  Going on to recognize that in the end, the agreement from the church as a body as the final step can be equally as difficult.  Brauns point in making this comparison is to stress the importance and vital role of prayer in this process.  For Moses and the Israelites, when faced with what seemed to be certain death, there was nothing left to do but to “throw themselves at the feet of God and pray that He would deliver them.” (p. 24). 
    We continue to ask that you do just that, along side us as we seek the one individual who God has planned to lead us as a church; that these many factors would be covered in his peace and grace as we walk forward in this process.
    We are at an exciting point of action having done multiple phone interviews, listening to many recorded sermons, and scheduling the next stage—skype interviews—with some of those individuals.  We continue at this time to leave the position open for new applicants as well.  Each of our committee members have voiced feeling both humility and honor at the opportunity to meet these individuals and learn their stories, strengths, and weaknesses.   While there will be one in the end that God has for this position, there are many amazing men and women of God that we are enjoying the opportunity to meet.  We are certainly in the best of hands—His.
    We ask for your specific prayer
  • For us as a committee being able to continually put ourselves and all that distracts us aside, and focus and look to His leading.  That we would come to agreement and make choices in unity under Him. 
  • For wisdom and discernment in the moving forward process with candidates.
  • For the candidates and their families hearts.
  • For Pastor David and Nancy Diehl’s hearts as they prepare for what’s ahead.
  • For our church body (us individually), that we make our hearts available to him to prepare us for His choice of a new Shepherd