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PNC Committee Updates

July 30th Update

by Andrea Sielaff on July 30, 2017
We are excited to share an update with you in our process of calling a new Senior Pastor. Our team has chosen 3 finalists for the position; in September four members of our team will be traveling to spend time with each finalist in their current context.  Those visits will include seeing them preach, meeting their families, and talking to coworkers and community members who know them well.   
After those visits, we will select 2 of the 3 candidates to meet our session and staff.  At that point, we will discern with prayer who God is calling to lead our church and determine the timing for our congregational vote for that individual.
Our team also wants you to know the thoroughness of our process that has gone into selecting these finalists.  We think you’ll understand why we have needed 6 months to come to this exciting point in our journey.  Below are the steps we’ve used to hone in on our most-qualified, best-fit candidates.
1.      Applications received, commented on, and discussed as a team
2.      Phone interview (recorded for entire team to listen to)
3.      Initial sermon review (listening to a sermon online)
4.      One reference check
5.      Skype interview (recorded for the entire team to watch)
6.      Second sermon review (listened to multiple sermons)
7.      Checking 3 references via phone
8.      Phone conversation between candidate and our ECO presbytery representative, Al Sandalow
9.      National background check
10.    Additional theology, vision, and strategy questions sent via email
It has been such a blessing for us to work as a team during this process.  Thank you for extending us your trust in these important next steps for our church!